Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tiger Fever


You guys, I hate to break my new routine of deeper posts on Thursdays (Soapbox Thursdays, if you will), but there's no way I can concentrate with my Tigers playing in the NCAA tournament this afternoon. My nerves are already shot. On top of that, I have a to-do list full of high priority items, including:

-   Getting ready for a dinner party this weekend
-   Selecting new laminate flooring and tile for my house!
-   Choosing and purchasing a new TV, because mine chose the first day of March Madness to give up the ghost
-   Preparing a new blog design
-   Submitting an article to one of my favorite websites
-   Participating in Holy Week activities starting on Sunday

I'll be sharing more about most of these things later. GO TIGERS GO!


  1. I've been a nervous wreck all morning, too! I even checked my kids out of school early because They get out @2 and I refused to miss any part of the game. Oops.

  2. Go Tigers! So glad they didn't give it away today. I couldn't even watch the last minute of that game!