Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Links

Lunching at Audubon Park

Shortish list today. I blame the beautiful springlike weather! :) It's amazing the difference longer days and warmer weather can make.

♦ Your daily dose of cuteness: I Love Memphis's interview with Kid President. Also from ILM: a video collection of D.J. Stephens' greatest dunks!

♦ Sarah Bessey's latest brilliance: In Which God Does Not Want to Use Me, and In Which Art Is Like Manna. I've been pondering the latter post a lot this week.

♦ Yes, Justin Timberlake's fifth hosting of SNL was a wild success, but did you also see him repping the Tigers while closing the show? :D

♦ Carolyn Custis James expounds on one of her own passages, from When Life and Beliefs Collide, that I've posted about before:  Losing Plan A. I needed this reminder!

♦ Last week Emily Freeman publicly announced her upcoming third book, A Million Little Ways. Even if this was the longest post she's ever written, I soaked up every word of it! Can't wait for the book.

♦ Have you seen Myla Smith's video for her new single, "This Time I Mean It"? GO FORTH AND VIEW THE AWESOMENESS.


Along with the rest of the blogosphere, I'm confused and appalled by Google's decision to kill Reader. Thankfully we have a few months to figure things out, but in the meantime, join in the emigration and please:


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  1. That pictures is gorgeous! Enjoy your spring weather- it snowed here this weekend!! Spring can't come fast enough!