Monday, March 18, 2013

Family Time and Tigers

family 031613 (5)

Last weekend, I got to see my sister, BIL, and niece for the first time since New Year's Day! We met up in north central Alabama where Lance's family lives. It's roughly the halfway point between Memphis and Dothan, where Debra and Lance moved in mid-January. The visit was prompted by their closing on the sale of their Nashville house (which ended up being delayed), and my mom needing to be picked up after flying one-way to Dothan to spend the week. Whatever the reasons, I was way overdue for some hermana and niece time!

family 031613 (2)

Niecy is over ten months old now, and had practically doubled in size since I saw her last. I can't get over how tall she is. I felt like I needed to get to know her all over again! She's crawling, standing (with help), and vocalizing (but not really saying anything yet). She also just learned to clap. :) She continues to be a generally happy baby and good sport. At one point three or four of us were following her around the living room with cameras, like paparazzi. "Over here, Niecy, who are you wearing?" "Gymboree!"

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Since we only had a few hours all together, it was unfortunate that the Tigers' C-USA championship game was on TV at the same time - AND that it went into two overtimes. It's a good thing that Lance's family is like family to me too, because I made a spectacle of myself in front of the whole bunch, including cousins and other extended relatives. Most of them seemed amused, though. I think Lance's mom even got footage of me celebrating at the end of the game. :) Still, it made a too-short visit even shorter. We were all headed to our respective homes by mid-afternoon. It's a bummer that they live so far away AND work Sundays.

I proudly hung my Tiger flag yesterday afternoon before going to Kathy and Daniel's house to watch the selection show. We got a #6 seed, which was about as high as we could have hoped for - and also the toughest region, in my opinion. I may bleed blue, but I'm heading into this March Madness more realistically than I have in about a decade. If we make it to the Sweet 16, I will be THRILLED. Anything after that would be icing on the cake. I also like Miami (of course), Indiana, and Gonzaga. And I have a new fondness for NC State after watching "Survive and Advance," the amazing 30 for 30 about their 1983 tournament run (if you watched it without crying, I don't want to be friends with you). I love March Madness!! GO TIGERS GO!


  1. I can't believe how big "Niecy" has gotten! I love her facial expressions. And Go Tigers!!

    1. She does have some hilarious looks. The top picture is another example of her "Baby Blue Steel." LOL.