Monday, April 15, 2013

A Spring Day in Nashville

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I spent this weekend in Nashville with my whole family! No, you're not confused - my sister did move to Alabama several months ago. But my BIL Lance chaperoned a youth trip to Nashville this weekend, a teen talent thing held annually at all my siblings' alma mater (I'm the outlier state school alum). So Debra and the baby joined him, my parents and I drove up from Memphis, and my brother came down from Indiana. It was exactly the sort of gathering I'd been afraid would rarely happen again, but God has been providing for us to be together. (Not to mention providing for Debra and Lance in all kinds of ways since the move. Testimony-worthy stuff.)

We spent a gorgeous afternoon hanging around on the Trevecca campus. I got a headache from all the pollen, but it was totally worth it!

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nashville04-13 (1) My dad is too cool for school
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This statue of Jesus washing the disciples' feet was installed Kevin's senior year (and was thus the target of some senior shenanigans). He's in the middle of a roundabout, so I creatively call him Roundabout Jesus.
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Yay for spring and family!

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  1. Niecy is getting so big! She's darling. Seems like a great reunion with all of your family together. (Pollen-headache aside.) :-)