Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I'm Into

What I'm Into at HopefulLeigh

Linking up with HopefulLeigh for What I'm Into! My list isn't as extensive or organized as hers, but it's a good current summary.

Steve Madden Heaven flats and Old Navy tank dresses. I bought a pair of faux snake Heaven flats last fall and have worn them pretty much nonstop. So last weekend I bought two more pairs (one in metallic, to replace some falling-apart Target flats, and some purple ones on eBay). They're so comfortable and go with everything. As for the dresses, I have the poplin-crepe sundress in two colors and the jersey tank dress in two colors, and can already tell they'll be getting a LOT of wear this summer!

Revolution. I caught up on four episodes of this show over the weekend, and saw the new one last night. YOU GUYS, IT'S GETTING GOOD. They've brought in interesting new characters, added a few twists, and revealed enough information that I don't feel strung along. Also, there's no other way to say it - Charlie has successfully transformed from meek and mousy into a total badass. I love the growing bond and respect between her and her uncle.

Also: Hawaii Life on HGTV. I've never been to Hawaii, and this show makes me want to go even more. I'm entranced by it. You learn a little about the local culture AND look at gorgeous scenery and pretty houses.


Edy's single-serving ice cream cups. I've been addicted to these for a while, but lately I have one almost every night.

Spring flowers! I'm overwhelmed by the beauty and color around town. The azaleas are in full, glorious bloom right now. The lawns and trees have all greened up. I bought a few new flowers for my yard last weekend. The vegetable garden won't go in for another couple of weeks, though. It's still a little chilly most days and the ground is still very saturated. I won't have tomatoes until, like, August, but it's okay.

Jancee Dunn. I just started her memoir/journalism advice book, But Enough About Me, and have been laughing out loud on almost every page at her family stories. Her new biography of Cyndi Lauper just moved up my to-read list! I read her novel, Don't You Forget About Me, a few years ago and it was an instant classic comfort read.

How about you?


  1. Oh my gosh. You should not have told me about that Hawaii show. Now I *will* have to find a way to watch it and I *will* be even less content in FL when there's Hawaii out there. ;o)

    1. Not when you hear the price ranges!! :P I bet you can watch it online.

  2. Revolution started to lose me, but I kept watching and now I am completely hooked again!!! What is going to happen?!

  3. My DVR deleted a bunch of Revolution episodes and now I'm really really behind.

  4. I might need to get some of those ice cream cups! Yum. I haven't heard of Jancee Dunn before but I do like funny memoirs! I'll have to add it to the To Read list.

    Thanks for linking up with What I'm Into!