Friday, May 24, 2013

Makeup Recs - May 2013 Edition

About a month ago, I asked some friends for new makeup recommendations. I had been using the same stuff for a long time and wasn't impressed with it anymore. I also did a little research on beauty blogs. Here are some products I chose and am liking a lot!

Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance foundation and pressed powder. I have extremely oily skin - how many 30somethings still follow an anti-acne regimen? I usually have to select from the teenage end of the skincare line. For years I'd used Cover Girl Clean makeup for oily skin, and it was okay, but heavy. Plus I was already shiny again an hour after application. So I decided to try Almay Smart Balance, which supposedly adjusts to your skin type. It feels light, blends very well, and controls shine better. However, the coverage isn't as thorough as Cover Girl's, so I bought CG's wand concealer for my more uneven areas. The nice airbrushed look of this foundation is worth the trouble of the extra step.

The powder compact is interesting. You apply the powder with a little brush instead of a powder puff. At first it felt weird, but it's really a lot more hygienic and saves product. Washing the brush is easy, and the powder actually gets onto your face instead of absorbing into the puff.

L'oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions mascara. I was desperate for a mascara that actually did something for $10 or less. Since you have to replace mascara so often, I'm not willing to shell out for Diorshow or the other designer brands. I got several recommendations for this one and have been VERY pleased! I'll definitely buy it again.

Milani lipstick in Rose Hip. I usually prefer gloss, stain, or balm - lip product that I can apply without looking. But a bright lipstick now and then is fun. I kept hearing about Nars Schiap, a bright pink that allegedly looks good on all skin tones. As a Fall, I don't get to indulge in a lot of pink, so I was intrigued. But I couldn't bring myself to spend $25 on a lipstick no matter how cool it was. This Milani shade is an exact dupe and costs about $3. The formula is really creamy and goes on smoothly, and the color is great! Sometimes I just tap it onto my lips to get more of a stain effect. (And then smooth it out with a layer of Carmex, which has horrified more than one beauty professional in my adult life. They just don't appreciate the restorative powers of Carmex.)

L'oreal Colour Riche eye shadow in Sultry Seductress. Okay, the name is ridiculous, but this collection of smoky purples is very pretty and easy to apply. I've been wearing it a lot! I needed another L'oreal item to push me over the limit for Extra Care Bucks, and this was an excellent choice.

Essie nail polish in Mint Candy Apple. Maybe I'm weird, but once in a while I get "cravings" for a specific color of nail polish. I'll even go to several stores until I find the exact shade I want. (We all have our weird indulgences.) Well, I saw this color while picking up something else and instantly had to have it. Later I was mad at myself for springing for the high-end brand, because I didn't think it was the kind of color I'd wear often. Wrong! This polish is currently on my fingers and toes for at least the third time, and I'm not sick of it at all. It looks mint in some lights and turquoise in others. I've gotten tons of compliments. Definitely worth adding to your spring and summer rotation!

As it happens, I bought all of this makeup at CVS. We just got a CVS in my neighborhood about a year ago, and I LOVE it. I may never set foot in a Walgreens again. If you've ever learned anything about couponing, you've heard about their Extra Care Bucks program. I can attest that it's legit, and easy to understand and use even for a mathematically challenged person like me. I got $8 back on these makeup purchases (at prices equivalent to other stores), and about a week later I filled out a survey online and got another coupon for $10 off! They also have a great selection of hair products - I don't have to go to Ulta for my conditioning treatment anymore.

If you try and like any of these items, or want to share about something you use, fire away!

Of course I was not compensated in any way for this post. If anyone wants to compensate me, my contact info's in the sidebar. ;)


  1. I keep thinking I'll try some Essie nail polish, but I haven't sprung for it yet. I have previously been all about the quick drying stuff, but I got some OPI bottles last spring when I got a pedicure and I really liked them.

    1. If you get Seche Vite topcoat (at Sally), you can get quick dry with any polish! It is AMAZING.

  2. I love getting to have a peek into others' beauty regimes! I'm hoping to blog (or at least tumblr [is that even a verb?]) a little bit about my own eventually.

  3. You and I have different skin types and coloring but I still love reading your recommendations!

    Although what stood out to me most in this post is that you've been CVSing! =oD