Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Links

Friday Links time!!!

♥ Post of the week from the always-refreshing Christa Black: Why "Loving God and Loving People" Doesn't Work. Really powerful reminder of grace.

♥ Kristen at Chasing Blue Skies salutes the late bloomers! Man, that phrase always puts the Sarah Harmer song in my head. Oh late bloomer, the rumors were true. You know I checked your ID when you left the room.

♥ Jennifer Fulwiler's tips for conquering crazy-think and making good decisions. Very helpful.

♥ Jen Hatmaker guests at A Deeper Story: Do Not Stumble On Account of Me. This piece inspired me to go to my concordance and write down everything the Bible says about God's justice. I also want to write down what it says about His love, which thankfully will be a much longer list.

♥ A valuable post for the introverts from Donald Miller: How to Avoid a People Hangover.

♥ Also from Storyline, a Shauna Niequist post: Stop Hustling and Get Your Life Back. *standing ovation*

♥ Deep thoughts from novelist Megan Crane on miracles, womanhood, and secret shames. I really related to the second half of this.

♥ It's almost two months old, but I still think about Hollywood Housewife's post about her sprained ankle.  I found it surprisingly profound in its simplicity.

♥ This anti-drug PSA LOLCat still totally cracks me up: Catnip: Not Even Once 

♥ Gretchen Rubin points out that everything is NOT "so different these days."

♥ This is slightly old news, but Spencer Hall of SB Nation wrote an AMAZING article about his experience in Memphis during the Grizzlies' NBA playoff run that I'm sure will be quoted here for decades to come. Some of his words may even make it into official promotional materials. :) "Memphis is the informal capital of the dirtiest part of the Dirty South. It's not going to be normal. It's not going to be easy."

Happy weekend!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I really like those that I read. Its always great to get out of my rut of the same things that I read! Hugs!