Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jewelry Stories: Diamond Earrings


Shortly before my sister started dating her now-husband, she went through a rough patch with her singleness. Nothing was working out for her relationship-wise, and she felt understandably discouraged. Although I was married at the time, I'd never forgotten how tough it could be on the other side. I wanted to do something tangible to show her how valuable she was, and that she didn't have to wait for someday to enjoy the best things in life. So for Christmas, or her birthday (I can't remember which), I bought her a small pair of diamond earrings. I hoped she would remember every time she wore them that she was loved, regardless of whether a man ever chose her.

Fast forward to Christmas 2010. I was recently divorced and still piecing myself and my life back together. Debra and Lance, now married, gave me a pair of diamond earrings just like the ones I gave her years before. With the same message. I still wear them all the time, carrying my family's love with me.

(PS - I promise this series will not be a gallery of bling. These earrings are the most real bling I own.)


  1. That's beautiful!

    Your jewelry posts are making me think about my own jewelry. I feel like I don't have a lot of meaningful jewelry, so I think it's really cool that you have these memories and meaning attached to yours.

  2. This post is so beautiful. I am thankful that you have a sister like her. I love that she returned the act of love you showed to her so many years before. Very, very sweet.

  3. Found your blog through Kelly's Korner. This is such a lovely sentiment from both of you.

  4. That's an absolutely beautiful story! And a beautiful pair of earrings too.

  5. What a beautiful story! It's great how both of you recognized that showing love by way of diamonds doesn't have to be restricted to be that between a man and a woman. And just like diamonds are the hardest gems around, the strength of your bond as sisters is well represented with your gifts. -Dann @ McCarty\'s Jewelry

  6. Diamonds are the gems of love. And just like what you and your sister showed here, that doesn't mean a love that's strictly between a man and a woman. Gifting someone with something precious and expensive will make them feel important and loved. I really admire the love you and your sister share. Thanks to diamonds, you were able to show it.
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