Thursday, November 7, 2013

Guest Post: The God Who Hears

I met Jamie, blogger at Ava Anomaly, in my Story 101 class this summer. We were paired up for a peer critique and hit it off right away! When she announced a guest posting opportunity to write from the perspective of Biblical people, I knew I wanted to participate, and I knew who my subject would be: Hannah, the mother of Samuel. Hannah has been one of my favorite Biblical people since I was a teenager. I'm pretty sure I had her song, from I Samuel 2, up on the wall of my college dorm room. I never imagined back then how much we would have in common. Writing about her was cathartic (and also made me want to write about her rival wife, Peninnah, who surely had hurts and struggles of her own).

All that to say, please head over to Jamie's to read my Empathy piece about Hannah, "The God Who Hears." Thanks!

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