Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunday By The River

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Yesterday afternoon I had a community band concert in Harbor Town on Mud Island - we dedicated a new park specifically for live music! Since I don't go there very often, I couldn't resist paying a visit to the river after the concert.

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It was a beautiful afternoon, and the people-watching was great. I saw potential stories everywhere. If I feel stuck on a fiction project in the future, I'll come down to this park for an hour or so!

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I LOVE the houses in Harbor Town. These row houses always remind me of San Francisco - maybe that was the intention.

Harbor Town house

I fell in love with this house across the street from the park where we played. The top floor has windows all the way around. I wonder if it's an apartment, but it's a good thing I have no way of finding out, because I'd be tempted to move in immediately. Who needs space when you have all that light, and a balcony, up on top of the world? And not a bad view either.

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