Saturday, December 7, 2013

Miami Thanksgiving


I went to Miami for Thanksgiving this year! My mom and I, plus Debra, Lance, and Niecy, celebrated with our Miami family while my dad and Kevin went hunting. We went to the North Miami Thanksgiving Day Parade and feasted at my grandfather's house.

miami nov13 (11)

miami nov13 (14)

miami nov13 (13)

miami nov13 (20)

This world's cutest turkey was not easy to wrangle, but we had a good time trying.


On Friday, my sister and fam had to head back to Dothan. To make the departure even sadder, I came down with a mysterious stomach bug late Thanksgiving night. We were supposed to have lunch at the beach before they left, but I couldn't even sit up for more than five minutes, or get very close to Niecy for her own safety. Thankfully, I'll see them again in just a few weeks!

By Saturday the worst was over, so my mom, uncle, and I went for a walk at the nearest beach. They practically jogged while I strolled at a slow pace. I took pictures and enjoyed the conversations of strangers. One lady was telling her companions animatedly, "I was watching Homeland until 11:30. I was so jacked, I had to take an Ambien." Which instantly became my new favorite catchphrase anytime something exciting happens.

miami nov13 (33)

miami nov13 (36)

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Can you imagine living in a building like this on the beach? I might die of happiness.

miami nov13 (39)

miami nov13 (41)

On Sunday, we went to our usual bagel place for brunch, then to Miami Beach to rent bikes. They have a great bikesharing program with stations all around town. You pay for a certain amount of time and take a bike, which you can return at any station! We rode along South Beach and down to the cut where the cruise ships come and go. There are nice parks and paths there.

miami nov13 (43)

A LOT of stray cats (or as I called them, "sea cats") live in this area. Across the way is Fishers Island, one of the most exclusive communities in America. You can only get there by ferry.

miami nov13 (48)

One of my favorite downtown buildings! My uncle showed an apartment there recently. They start at $1 million. O_O

miami nov13 (46)

miami nov13 (50)

On the way back to the car, we rode through Flamingo Park. I went crazy over this beautiful tree.  Anyone know what kind it is? I don't remember it from my childhood.

miami nov13 (52)

miami nov13 (54)

Another notable sighting: what may well be THE LAST BLOCKBUSTER. Moment of silence.


We came home on Monday, and PS: ATL now has a Pinkberry!

The end.

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  1. That's a great pic of you and Debra! And I love the progression of blurry shots to get the good one of you and Niecy. :)