Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Places I want to visit
San Diego
Chicago (have been once, but it was brief)
Wilmington, NC
Monterey/Carmel, CA
Australia and New Zealand

A few women I admire
My late Great-Aunt Betsy
Sandra Bullock
Gwen Stefani
Stephenie Meyer
Lady Eowyn of Rohan
Melanie Wilkes

Bath & Body Works fragrances currently in my rotation
White Tea & Ginger
Cotton Blossom
Green Clover & Aloe
Sheer Freesia
Gardenia Lily (discontinued – I have about ¼ of a body spray left and am hoarding it)

Local restaurants I still haven't been to (but want to go)
The Crepemaker
Café Eclectica
Automatic Slim's
Cheesecake Corner
Papa Murphy's (yes, I know you take the pizza home instead of eating it there)
Brother Juniper's for breakfast (I think I went once, but it was a long time ago)
Jim's Place

My favorite books of the Bible
I & 2 Samuel

Some classes I want to take rather than "go back to school"
Salsa dancing
Cake decorating
Beginner photography
Scrapbook journaling

Current unsolved mysteries
- My cats are suddenly refusing several varieties of cat food that they've eaten happily for years.
- The old planter on my back patio now floods with water every time it rains (I'm on my third geranium this year because the others drowned).
- My cell phone stops working every time I go to the Bartlett Boulevard Kroger.
- When I open a new document in Word, it has no top or bottom margins until I add a header and footer. The margins are pre-set to 1" all around.
- Where does one buy boysenberries? Did IHOP just make them up?


  1. Great lists!

    On the Word margins thing, are you talking about actual margins, or just that it's not showing the page there? Because you can change that setting like this:

    (That's if you use 2007--it's an option in another menu for previous versions.)

  2. I LOVE LISTS!!!

    My phone won't work in a certain grocery store here in town either. I've heard from a few people that it happens to them too. I call it the King Sooper's triangle.

    ALSO, King Sooper's is owned by Kroger... I want there to be a bigger story here!

  3. Jessica, that fixed it! THANK YOU!!! It was driving me nuts. :)