Monday, June 6, 2011

Energizer Bunny


I'm glad that last weekend, when I spontaneously went to Nashville, I didn't realize how busy I was about to be. I probably wouldn't have given up my last chance to relax. I've hardly been at home or stopped moving for over a week, and relief is far off. The next six or so weeks will include:

♥ helping my sister and brother-in-law move into their first home (just another weekend jaunt to Nashville)
♥ helping my brother move to Indiana (trip of uncertain timing or duration)
♥ planning and throwing a large Fourth of July party
♥ going to Texas to visit my grandmother and assorted relatives (a multiple-leg trip since I have to fly out of Little Rock*)

This may not look like much on paper, but on top of regular day to day gatherings and responsibilities (exercise, line dancing, church activities, 30 Day Journal Challenge, and you know, work :P), it's a lot for me. Thankfully, I am only responsible for myself and two cats, so there's no condemnation if my house isn't perfectly clean or I've barely cooked in weeks. But it's become a challenge just to keep non-expired milk and produce in the house. And now that summer is really here, keeping up with my lawn could become a challenge too. Unfortunately, when I DO get an hour or two at home, I'm usually so tired that I end up painting my nails, Facebooking, or reading magazines instead of getting things done.

Being free to do things is one of the few real benefits of my single status. I enjoy taking advantage of it. I know I have a good life - I just hope I have enough energy to keep living it!

* = I hit a new level of rage at Memphis airfares when I noted that a flight from here to Texas was over $500, but the EXACT SAME FLIGHT from Little Rock with a STOP in Memphis was $250. Seriously, can't anyone do something about this?


  1. Can you buy the flight from Little Rock and just get on the connecting flight in Memphis?

  2. You can't do that. If you're not on the flight from Little Rock, they'll cancel the second leg of the trip.

  3. Yep, Teresa is right-hand you gotta fly the first part or the 2nd part is canceled... I've actually called about this very thing in the past.