Monday, December 2, 2013

What I'm Into: November

General Highlights:

In November, I ran two 5Ks (True Blue and Meowathon) and set new personal records for fastest finish and fastest mile! Why I can finally run, for real, after struggling with it all my life is a mystery. I'm thankful and excited. I also played an outdoor community band concert in Harbor Town, attended the local show on Myla's Hiding Places tour, hosted a clothing swap, had lots of expensive problems with my eye, and celebrated Thanksgiving with most of my family. Oh and let's not forget, Tiger basketball season started!


Read and Reading:

Jody Casella was my high school English teacher, and I'm happy to report that her first published novel, Thin Space, is COMPLETELY AWESOME. Once it got warmed up, I couldn't put it down. You may think you know what's happening with this story, but you have no idea. At the end you will do this:

I've never even visited Addie Zierman's blog, but after reading her memoir When We Were On Fire, I'm ready to declare her the voice of my generation. If you grew up an evangelical Christian or want to understand someone who did, you need to read this ASAP. It's a masterful depiction of late 90s evangelical culture that manages to be both honest and respectful.


I started watching The Mentalist this season because my brother is obsessed with it. Well, consider me a convert. Last Sunday they finally revealed the identity of Red John, the serial killer and criminal mastermind who killed Patrick Jane's wife and daughter. (I can't imagine waiting all six years for this information.) It was a good episode, but I had more fun theorizing with my brother in the week leading up to it. One time I picked up his phone call and, without saying hello, he just yelled "WHO IS RED JOHN?!? I gotta know!!" Hilarious.


Catching Fire was my favorite book of the Hunger Games trilogy, and to me, the movie was perfect. No complaints. I can't stop thinking about it! I also saw Thor 2 for a friend's birthday, and enjoyed it, despite not seeing the first Thor. But I've seen all the other Avengers movies, so I had no trouble following along.



Back in the day I was not into the repetitiveness of "You're Beautiful," but I like James Blunt's latest, "Bonfire Heart." I first heard Janelle Monae's song with Miguel, "Primetime," on satellite radio in the car, and downloaded it as soon as I got home. Smoother than a Lindor truffle. And I'm sorry, but Britney's "Work B**ch" may be the most motivating running song ever recorded.

You can listen to my entire 2013 So Far playlist on Spotify.

Random Happiness:

My 18-month-old niece figured out within the last month or two that Aunt B "lives" in the computer. She now requests Skypes with me by pointing to the computer and saying "Bee Bee."

My former roommate of seven years (and now companion to football and basketball games), Kathy, has three sons and is expecting again. Well, she found out she's having a girl! I'm SO excited!! Really, this is a perfect situation. Three older brothers will take care of any potential threats.

One of our many Christmas pieces for community band is A Charlie Brown Christmas. I've been a big Peanuts fan all my life, and getting to play that familiar music is so fulfilling!

On The Blog:

I participated in Hollywood Housewife's One Day Photo Project, wrote a short story about Hannah the mother of Samuel, talked about loneliness, and shared about my past and what November means to me.

Posts I Loved:

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  1. I loved this post! I love that you ran 2 5ks, and set those two personal records. I am adding both of those books to my reading list. I also added Work B**ch to my half marathon play list, even though my playlist was already set. I don't even know who I am anymore because I haven't seen Catching Fire yet. But let's discuss when I do see it! A Charlie Brown Christmas sounds so fun! And I read every single one of those links you put up. I am excited to add some new blogs to my reading list- some of those were really intriguing!

  2. Congrats on running 2 5ks! You are in for a treat with Addie Zierman's blog. I never miss anything she writes. So glad you enjoyed When We Were On Fire!